About us


Kmeal’s is situated on small place in the heart of jogja tourist spot making its open air design enjoyable. The food is incredible – great pizzas, awesome salads healthy appetizer, delectable main course,yummy dessert are almost too good to believe with homemade fresh produced.

And all menu are based on local prices, healthy food, no MSG,

We make our own ice cube from mineral water.

Japanese style

With open kitchen, kmeals have 2 different Javanese style places with capacity 100 chairs, hotspot area, and art gallery.

You can tell that these people love their food – each plate is beautifully presented. Even the simple dessert of ice cream is garnished in a way that makes is look like complicated.

Reserve table

As we are often full please reserve table if you want to make sure to get a table as we are often full with regular customer and tourists visitor.

Table reservation at kmeals.jogja@yahoo.com or by phone +62 274-8290097